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What is The Great Park Connection Conservancy?

Greenspace before and after the land exchnge

In 2020, Blackhall Studios and DeKalb County exchanged land, which created a new 53-acre area that now connects Intrenchment Creek and Gresham Parks along with additional green space in Southwest DeKalb County. 

This proposal will combine community quality of life with economic development benefits. The exchange will make the South River Trail more accessible (without having to drive) to residents around the park. The cleared property along Bouldercrest is an excellent location for a “community greenspace”, not unlike the Meadow at Piedmont Park, which can host events. It is close to neighborhoods and will have access to the South River Trail, along with the development of new trails.  

Community Benefits

  • New park a gathering place for neighbor to unite and build friendships 

  • Consolidation of park and open space closer to the residential communities (more than 3,500 feet closer to homes) while buffering industrial uses with park 

  • Limiting truck traffic to Constitution Rd 

  • Creation of a new community park with direct trail access and amenities 

  • The new park will connect Gresham Park and Intrenchment Creek Park and improve access for residents in the area, creating a contiguous park area of 880 acres. 

  • It is the connection between Gresham Park to Intrenchment Creek, something that is acknowledged by the existence of the South River Trail  

  • It completes a permanent green buffer between these residents and the business/industrial area to the south 

  • It is adjacent to the neighborhoods of Gresham Park, which greatly improves access for residents of all ages. 

  • New park will have beautiful new amenities such as a landscaped meadow, additional parking, play areas., and picnic tables. 

  • Residents should see growth in retail and services for all. 

Environmental Benefits

The county will see a net increase in land, a net increase in wooded land, and more protection for sensitive ecological areas 

  • Blackhall Studios will fund, design, and construct new facilities 

  • The exchange will increase the amount of protected land for the park system 

  • Storm water management will benefit from preservation of flood plain and drainage areas, which have long term benefits for wildlife habitat and natural systems 

  • Wide green corridor on both sides along Bouldercrest will benefit wildlife create a protected greenbelt for the neighborhoods 

  • New landscape with native plants will provide shelter and food for wildlife 

  • Tree buffer around new studios with 40-foot setback required 

Economic Benefits

  • New development will expand capacity at Blackhall Studios 

  • Expansion will create construction and permanent jobs on site as well as 1000 jobs in the film industry 

  • Land creates backlot opportunities for outdoor sets and filming 

  • Studio expansion near existing studios creates better synergy for film makers and general operation 

  • Consolidated site creates more opportunity for attracting bigger productions 

  • Office design creates new options for filming environments 

  • New development will double capacity at Blackhall 

  • New building could generate tax revenue for park maintenance  

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